Are bees allowed?  Yes

5.04.250 – Keeping of Honeybees

Any person who keeps honeybees in the City of Decorah shall obtain a one-time license within thirty (30) days of acquiring the honeybees.

Application shall be made to the City Clerk / Treasurer and the fee for the license shall be ten dollars ($10.00). All fees received or collected shall be paid into the local Treasury.

The Zoning Administrator may revoke a license if there are three (3) or more violations within any six (6) month period of this ordinance.

Bee keeping shall be allowed with the following restrictions:
1. Honey bee colonies are allowed in residential and agricultural zoning classifications.
2. No more than two bee hives are allowed on any minimum sized lot in any residential or agricultural zoning district. Two additional hives may be added for each additional ½ acre of lot size.
3. Bee hives shall be placed at least 10 feet from the property line, no closer than 15 feet from public sidewalks and alleys, and a minimum of 30 feet from the principal building on an adjoining property.
4. A flight path barrier at least 6 feet in height to force bees to fly higher for safety consisting of a fence, structure, or planting should be placed in front of the opening of any hive that has its opening facing a property line within 30 feet.

Repealer.  All Ordinances or parts of Ordinances which are in conflict with the provisions of this Ordinance are hereby repealed.

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